In-house Catering and Alcohol Services provided by Aramark

Aramark is the in-house caterer for the Kansas City Convention Center. To see a full listing of the Convention Center preferred catering providers, please click here.

Kansas City Convention Center Guidelines for Catered Events

A client wishing to hold an event must secure services from the approved list of caterers to provide any food, beverage or alcohol service. No food or beverage may be brought into the facilities without using one of the approved caterers from the Kansa City Convention and Entertainment Facilities approved caterers list.

Dates may be held on a tentative basis in any facility without a deposit, if available, for ten (10) working days.  A nonrefundable deposit will be required from the client to confirm a reservation in any facility.  Minimum rent and deposits vary depending upon the facility reserved (see attached).  Once a deposit is received, a contract will be issued to the client for the date and space reserved.  The balance of the minimum rent will be due back from the client with signed contracts not less than ninety (90) days in advance of the event.  If a tentative date is challenged, full minimum rent (nonrefundable) will be required to retain and confirm the date.  Full minimum rent may also be required to secure space during holiday seasons.

The approved caterer of client’s choice will pay to the City eighteen percent (18%) of the total bill for food, non-alcoholic beverages and related services and thirty percent (30%) on alcoholic beverages and related services.  These catering percentages should be included, with all other costs, in the per-plate or per-person rate quoted by your caterer.  Related services may include, but are not limited to:  rental of equipment and labor for set up, tear down and/or serving.  The caterer must provide a copy of the final catering bill to the City, with payment of any amounts due, within ten (10) working days after the event.

Rental covers up to (6) open hours or until 12:00 midnight.  Move-in and move-out on the day of the event is included in the space rental.  Move-in times are from 6:00 a.m. until start of event and move-out must be completed immediately at the close of event and no later than 4:00 a.m.  For breakfast events, setup may begin as early as 6:00 a.m., or if time is needed the day before, an additional move-in day may be rented at fifty percent (50%) of the open day rates.

DUE TO CURRENT STATE LIQUOR LAWS, NO DONATED ALCOHOL WILL BE ALLOWED.  Any cash liquor service must be handled by Aramark at the Convention Facility (816-221-2737).  A hosted and cash liquor service combined is an exclusive to Aramark.

Please note:  All alcohol beverages, concessions, booth sales and novelty sales must be arranged through the in-house caterer/concessionaire who is the exclusive provider of these services. Caterers of plated meal functions, having wine served with dinner, will be able to pour the wine tableside, however the wine must be procured from the in-house caterer and alcoholic beverage license holder, by the customer.

In all facilities except Barney Allis Plaza, the City will provide, at no additional charge, banquet tables and chairs, a lectern with one microphone and a single tiered, raised head table (up to 8’ x 40’) with skirting, as available. The tables and chairs must be set up, cleaned, taken down and stacked by the caterer. Outdoor furniture is provided at Barney Allis Plaza and additional equipment is available for an additional cost. Cleanup is the responsibility of the caterer in all facilities. The caterer is responsible for bagging and removing all wet garbage from the premises, or can pay an additional charge for the City to order a wet garbage pickup.  Dry garbage must be bagged by caterer for City to dispose.