Loading Docks and Parking Areas

  1. Control of the dock is the responsibility of the lessee.
  2. Per City Ordinance, smoking is not allowed within 20 feet of any entrance to the facility. All smoking areas must be located on the apron away from the loading and dumpster areas.
  3. Dock usage is under the direction of the client when contracted to adjacent space. Use of docks for loading and unloading to facility locations without a joined dock location will be under the approval of the Facility Management. Parking of unauthorized vehicles will be ticketed and subject to towing at the owner’s expense.
  4. Trash containers/dumpsters and compactor will remain accessible from dock and apron locations.
  5. No parking is allowed in fire lanes, service streets, vacant exhibit halls, loading dock areas, in front of dumpsters, or any other location posted “No Parking.” Unauthorized vehicles will be removed or towed at the owner’s expense. There will also be no parking that impedes the use of the dock or the access to it.
  6. When two or more events require loading dock access, service providers, under the direction of the Facility Manager, will generally work out mutually agreeable dock utilization schedules. The decision of the Facility Management will prevail in cases of conflicts.
  7. No loading, unloading, or parking is allowed on plazas, sidewalks, or public entrances without prior approval of the Facility Management.
  8. Trailers cannot be unhooked from vehicles while inside the building.
  9. No parking is allowed on 13th Street between Broadway Street and Central Street during event days. Temporary parking in this area for loading and unloading is permitted on the street during the move-in and move-out days of the event. Parking on the sidewalks is not permitted.
  10. Blocking of truck door eye sensors and parking of metal items on truck door loops is not permitted. All doors must remain closed when not in immediate use. If Lessee blocks the eye on the truck doors, then the lessee will responsible for and damages when the eye is blocked.
  11. Street parking and lane Closures are allowed but with the City’s discretion and approval. Lessee is responsible for all charges associated with the closures.
  12. When the 16th Street Lot is contracted by client, the Kansas City Convention Center will provide access and domain to the lot beginning at 6:30 a.m. on contracted day.  The client is responsible for securing and monitoring the lot to the extent that is desired by the client, beginning at 6:30 a.m. on contracted day through the end of the contracted time frame.  The Kansas City Convention Center will provide bike rack, as available, upon request to assist in securing the lot.
  13. North Dock access to Broadway Boulevard during the below listed times will require the hiring of a Kansas City Police Officer to direct traffic at the expense of the lessee.

Daily 6:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
Daily 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.


  1. On open event days, the temperature will be maintained at 72 degrees Fahrenheit for a 12-hour period. If longer hours are required, there will be an additional charge.
  2. On closed event days, the temperature will be maintained between 60 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on outside ambient temperature conditions.
  3. No air conditioning or heating will be provided during show move-in/out except in cases where the client has agreed to pay for the additional expense.
  4. Open exterior doors may adversely affect the temperatures in the space. When exterior doors are continuously open, interior space temperatures will not be maintained.


  1. Cables are not to be run through the grillwork covering the return/supply air vents in     the facility or through the HVAC ductwork.
  2. The Convention and Entertainment Facilities has an exclusive provider for electrical services, including portable generators, within the facility. This includes all exhibit halls, meeting rooms, temporary structures, parking lots, and outside grounds.
  3. All equipment must be properly tagged or marked with complete information as to the type and/or amount of current voltage, phase, frequency, horsepower, fuel use, etc.
  4. Electricians are authorized to cut temporary carpet to permit installation of service unless otherwise directed.
  5. All approved electrical cords must be at least 17-gauge and 3-wire grounded type. Two-wire ungrounded cords (zip cords or rip cords) are UNACCEPTABLE. All exposed non-current-carrying metal parts of fixed equipment, which are liable to be energized, shall be grounded.
  6. The Convention and Entertainment Facilities is not responsible for voltage fluctuations or power failures. If your equipment has strict tolerance for voltage, then you must bring your own regulating device.
  7. All equipment, regardless of power source, must comply with federal, state, and local codes. The Convention and Entertainment Facilities reserves the right to inspect all electrical devices and connections to ensure compliance with all codes. The exclusive electrical service provider is obligated to refuse connections when wiring is not in accordance with City Electrical Ordinance.
  8. All material and equipment furnished by the Convention and Entertainment Facilities shall remain the property of the City and shall be removed only by Convention and Entertainment Facility personnel at the close of the show.
  9. Wall and outlets located on columns are not part of a rented space. Separate outlets must be ordered.
  10. All wiring and/or cabling, i.e. coax, data, or fiber optic cables, (with the exception of internal booth wiring) must be installed by Convention and Entertainment Facilities’ electricians or exclusive provider.
  11. An invoice for any damage will be given to the lessee’s representative. The lessee will be financially responsible for all damages.
  12. All electrical wire used in the facility must be plenum (fire) rated.


  1. Escalators and passenger elevators are for use by the general public, and may not be blocked or used to transport equipment or freight.
  2. Freight elevators are to be used for all freight and equipment movement.
  3. Vehicles (car, truck, van, SUV, etc.) are prohibited on freight elevators.
  4. All crates stored on the covered dock must maintain a twenty-four (24)-inch clearance from the ceiling and fire sprinkler heads. Crates must be stored in such a way as to maintain a clear drive aisle for emergency vehicles.
  5. Limited crate storage is allowed in the exhibit halls if there is at least ten (10) feet of space between the trade show floor and all outer walls. There should also be appropriate cross aisles to allow access to fire exits. No freight is to be set on the fire floor ports.
  6. The Convention and Entertainment Facilities does not accept freight shipments for exhibitors or lessee. Freight must be consigned to the official show service providers or lessee during the lease period.

Hazardous Work Areas

Exhibit halls during move-in/out, loading dock areas and “back of house” service areas are considered “Hazardous Work Areas.” Any and all unsafe conditions or activities are to be corrected promptly. Safety is of primary concern in designated hazardous work areas.

As such, the following guidelines will be strictly enforced:

  1. Absolutely no drinking of alcoholic beverages.
  2. No horseplay, practical jokes, etc.
  3. Use or possession of illegal or controlled substances of any kind is prohibited.
  4. No speeding or reckless use of vehicles or equipment will be permitted.
  5. No gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel or other flammable liquids may be stored, permanently or temporarily, in hazardous work areas. Propane storage will be allowed outside the building if stored on approved racks.

Exit doors may not be blocked with freight, equipment, display material, etc.


  1. Lessee is responsible for security and safety of attendees and exhibitors in all licensed spaces including exhibit halls, lobbies and docks.
  2. Lessee is required to schedule security/crowd control for events through the facility’s security service providers for all ticketed event, non-ticketed events with expected attendance of 500 or more and for all events where alcohol is being served. The Director can also deem security is required for events that do not meet these requirements.
  3. Unless approved by the Facility management, lessee will be required to provide security in loading dock areas, at emergency exits, registration areas, and any other area being used by lessee from the time of initial occupancy until completion of move-out. Security will be at the expense of the lessee.
  4. Exterior exhibit hall exit doors and loading dock exit doors are not to be propped open. Automatic closing devices are not to be removed or tampered with.
  5. All service providers and show-related working personnel, temporary labor, etc., will enter and exit the building through the designated entrances and are to have the proper identification badge.
  6. The Convention and Entertainment Facilities maintains 24-hour security for the building perimeter, parking grounds and public areas.
  7. Weapons Policy: There will be no dangerous weapons sold, on display or carried within the facility. A dangerous weapon is defined as any weapon that is readily capable of lethal use.
  8. All bags entering the facility will be subject to search during ticketed events.
  9. It is recommended that the client secure a security lock from the Convention Center and/or hire overnight security for any valuables or equipment. The Convention Center will not be responsible for the loss of any valuables and/or equipment for space occupied by client.

Sound and Lighting Guidelines

  1. The customer will have the option of utilizing the service provider of their choice for sound and lighting services.
  2. The facility’s preferred provider must perform all patching services.

Rigging Policy

Harvest Productions is the facilities exclusive provider for rigging services for any items that exceed 150 lbs. per point. Exhibitors, Production Companies and Decorating Companies may provide their own truss and A/V equipment to be rigged by Harvest Productions, with Harvest Productions chain motors. All equipment from the motor down is subject to safety inspection and approval by Harvest Productions. Equipment deemed unsafe shall not be rigged until the safety issue is corrected and re-inspected by Harvest Productions. Licensee shall comply with the facilities’ and Harvest Productions rigging guidelines.

Harvest Productions
Greg Turcotte
Director of Client Relations and Convention Services

Rigging of items weighing less than 150 lbs. per point may be scheduled through the event Production Company or Decorator, and performed by IATSE Local 31 Stagehand Union Riggers.

Rigging Guidelines

In an effort to effectively ensure life safety and maintain the aesthetic and structural integrity of the facilities ceiling, the following guidelines regarding rigging apply. Policy, rules, and regulations set forth in this document are meant as a guideline for the Kansas City Convention and Entertainment Center and may not be all inclusive. Additional policies, rules, and regulations may apply.

1. Harvest Productions is the exclusive rigging contractor for the Kansas City Convention and Entertainment Facilities.
2. Harvest Productions will provide all chain hoists and rigging labor (motor up + span sets).
3. Harvest Productions will provide all rigging hardware (motor up + pan sets) including spanner truss when needed to obtain desired rigging points.
4. A rigging plot with load factors, equipment counts, and equipment positions to include cable picks must be submitted electronically no later than four (4) weeks prior to scheduled move-in.
5. Harvest Productions is required to approve all rigging plots. All plots must have published weight points.
6. The number of riggers required will be decided by Harvest Productions and reasonably based on size and production schedule of the event.
7. All special and unusual weights, motors, rigging apparatus or items not normally hung must obtain written permission from Harvest Productions. Exceedingly large rigs that support abnormal loads, live loads, or non-uniform distribution of weight or hardware, may require plans that have been approved and stamped by a licensed engineer selected by facility management.
8. Rigging may only be performed by a certified IATSE union rigger.
9. Soft goods such as drape over 20’ must be flown or have steel “safety” cable(s) installed.
10. Free standing, ground supported structures over 10’ tall are subject to review by Harvest Productions.
a. Displays can be reviewed by the KCCEF approved decorating company.
11. Structures must be engineered and rated by the manufacturer for use in the desired manner.
12. All beams and ceiling joists must be protected with carpet or adequate material wherever wires and cables make contact, unless they are rubber or plastic coated.
13. Wires and cables must not make contact with any ceiling structures, including, but not limited to, ducts, pipes, speakers, and lighting fixtures.
14. No rigging will be allowed from Air Wall Tracks.
15. No additional holes will be made in plaster, or any ceiling material, for additional rigging points without prior approval of the Facility Manager.
16. All OSHA and ANSI regulations and guidelines are to be adhered to at all times.

CAD Drawing requirements:

1. Drawing must be submitted as a Vectorworks or DWG file.
2. Drawing must include all flown equipment, this includes truss and any equipment attached to the truss.
3. Layout must include all scenic elements.
4. All weight calculations must accompany drawings

Rigging Labor Rates (Rates are per hour):

Up rigger Straight Time (8 am-12 am) – $81.79
Down Rigger Straight Time (8 am-12 am) – $66.19

General A/V Labor (Rates are per hour)
Straight Time (8am-12am) – $42.94

Rigging Equipment Rates:

Dead Hang point – $50 (One-time fee)
Chain Motors – $125 (First day) $31.25 each additional day

Lift options (rates available upon request)

60′ Boom
45′ Boom
26′ Scissor
5,000 lbs. Forklift

12″ Trussing

12″x12″x10′ – $62.50
12″x12″x8′ – $50.00
12″x12″x5′ – $43.75
12″x12″x2′ – $43.75
20′ Circle Truss – $43.75
Corner Blocks – $43.75
24″ or 30″ Base Plates – $43.75

20.5″ Trussing

20.5″x20.5″x10′ – $62.50
20.5″x20.5″x5′ – $43.75
20.5″ Corner Block – $43.75
30″ Base Plates – $43.75

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