Kimiko Gilmore

Executive Director
Office: 816-513-5050


Kathleen Keens

Executive Assistant to the Director
Office: 816-513-5051

Matt Cunningham

Assistant General Manager
Office: 816-513-5278

Jacque Stock, CMP

Director of Business Development
Office: 816-513-5099

Janet O’Hagan, CMP

Director of Public Show Sales
Office: 816-513-5015

Ann Lehane

Event Sales & Wedding Coordinator
Office: 816-513-5046

Steve Lesher

Senior Event Manager
Office: 816-513-5268

Natasha Olinetchouk

Event Manager
Office: 816-513-5251

Courtney Crisafulli

Event Manager
Office: 816-513-5168

Aaron Verhei

Event Manager
Office: 816-513-5267

Jeff Fickas

Event Manager
Office: 816-513-5704


Sarah Long

Event Manager
Office: 816-513-5256

Shellie Hardisty

Box Office Manager
Office: 816-513-5079

Carla Budd

Assistant Box Office Manager
Office: 816-513-5076