Signage and Decorations

  1. Decorations, signs, posters, etc., may not be taped, nailed, tacked, or otherwise fastened to ceilings, painted surfaces, columns, glass doors, marble, fabric, walls, or City owned podiums.
  2. Signs used in the building, must be produced by a professional sign company or computer-generated.  Hand-made signs or signs written in long-hand will not be allowed in the building.
  3. Approved tape 3M 9589 (double side adhesive), 3M 471 (single side adhesive) and Gaffers tapes are the only approved products for booth markings and carpet applications within the facility. Applied tapes and other adhesives with residue must be removed from all surfaces prior to move-out.
  4. Paint, shoe polish and unapproved tapes are not allowed to be used in the facility.
  5. Signs and banners may be attached to the building where permanent devices are located. The Facility Manager must approve all other locations in advance. All signs need to be placed in sign holders and not placed on doors, windows, or walls.
  6. No drilling of the structure is allowed. Any means of attachment must be non-destructive to the structure.
  7. Helium balloons are not allowed inside the facility. The Facility Manager may approve helium balloons if they are an integral part of the display.
  8. Glitter and adhesive-backed decals are not permitted in the facility or on the premises.
  9. The Convention and Entertainment Facilities’ permanent graphics, signs, or displays may not be visibly blocked or relocated.  Temporary signs cannot be repositioned without prior approval from the Facility Manager.
  10. Any use of confetti will result in excessive cleaning fees.
  11. All labor requirements for move-in/out, setup of display areas, etc. shall be the responsibility of show management and/or exhibitors and their service providers.

Facility Use

  1. Clear access is to be maintained to exhibit hall concession stands and restrooms at all times.
  2. Movement of operable walls (air walls) is to be accomplished by Convention and Entertainment Facility personnel only.
  3. Only Convention and Entertainment Facility staff and Fire Department personnel will be allowed on the roof for any reason. Nothing is to be placed on the roof.
  4. All doors to mechanical rooms, operation rooms, and offices need to be kept clear and free of draping or storage by exhibitors and service providers.
  5. Utility panels, switch gear, hose cabinets, standpipes, and fire floor ports must remain accessible at all times.
  6. No temporary or permanent cables or wires will be installed in public or non-public areas without prior permission from the Facility Manager.  Approved cables or wires must be plenum rated and installed by exclusive utility provider and removed upon client contract expiration by exclusive utility provider.
  7. Electrical/mechanical rooms are restricted access areas with only authorized personnel allowed.
  8. There are no surface mounted drains in the Exhibit Halls. Therefore, floor ports will not be used for the dumping of any substances.
  9. Center posts cannot be removed from doorways without the prior approval of the Facility Manager.
  10. Escalators and passenger elevators are for use by the general public, and may not be blocked or used to transport equipment, catering food or freight.
  11. Escalators and passenger elevators will be turned on during open days.  Freight elevators and docks will be available for move-in and move-out.
  12. Some arena and theater seats may be removed to accommodate special stage/production setups. There is a fee to remove and reinstall seats. Seats are to be removed and installed by Convention Facility staff only.
  13. Floor load limit for Exhibit Hall B is two hundred (200) pounds per square foot. Floor load limit for Exhibit Halls A, C, D, and E is three hundred (300) pounds per square foot. Floor load limits for all other areas is one hundred fifty (150) pounds per square foot.
  14. Motorized equipment with tracks or metal wheels is not permitted to be mobile within the facility.
  15. Utilities to exhibits are subject to be turned off during non-show hours. Twenty-four hour power is available upon request, and is subject to additional charges.

Building Inspection

  1. Damage to the Facilities’ property or equipment shall be the responsibility of the Lessee and/or the person or organization causing such damage. Show management and service providers are invited to inspect leased areas prior to move-in and following move-out. Damages should be reported immediately to the Convention and Entertainment Facilities.
  2. The Convention and Entertainment Facilities will conduct an inspection prior to move-in and after move-out of all events.
  3. Rigging inspection fees are applicable for rooms 2103, 2215, Great Hall 3501, and Grand Ballroom 2501 and will be performed by the in-house audio visual provider.

Housekeeping during Move-in, Event, and Move-out For Exhibits

  1. The Convention and Entertainment Facilities cleaning personnel will clean prefunction areas, restrooms, non-carpeted aisles, and common areas. The Convention and Entertainment Facilities provide the show a clean hall upon move-in, and the hall shall be returned back to the Convention Facility after move-out in clean condition.
  2. During show times, the Convention and Entertainment Facilities will provide policing of the aisles, trash removal, restroom cleaning and stocking, and dock policing and cleaning.
  3. The Convention and Entertainment Facilities will perform a daily post-show cleaning of the restrooms and non-carpeted perimeter areas of the exhibit hall. The decorator will clean and vacuum aisle carpet, booth carpet, and remove trash from booths, as hired.
  4. During move-out, the decorator must remove any and all debris or trash left as a result of removal of decorations, banners, and signage. This also includes all cabling, eyebolts, tape residue from Exhibit Hall floor, and any other temporary apparatus installed for a specific show or event.
  5. Recycling of aluminum, plastic, cardboard and paper is encouraged by all vendors, exhibitors and clients.
  6. Bulky items or high trash events that require additional dumpster pulls will be charged to the client.

Public Areas

  1. The lobbies, permanent food facilities, and all parking lots are considered public areas and, generally, not under lessee control. As such, the following guidelines apply:
    • All activities utilizing public areas, such as registration, special exhibits or displays, etc., require the advance approval of the Facility Manager.
    • Activities must take into consideration the requirements of other tenants utilizing the facility.
    • Service desks and related “behind the scenes” work stations in the public areas require the prior approval of the Facility Manager.
  2. Convention Center lobby furniture is available to be removed to back of house storage locations upon request and is exclusively moved and/or stored by Convention Center staff only. Furniture is not available to be moved to other front of house locations. A $25 fee will be applied to each piece of furniture moved. The fee for moving furniture will be applied to the final bill.

Ballrooms and Meeting Rooms

  1. Exhibits with 10×10 booths and limited utility needs may be allowed in meeting rooms.  Larger exhibits are generally not allowed in ballrooms or meeting rooms. Exceptions will require prior approval of the Director of the Convention and Entertainment Facilities, and may be subject to additional fees.
  2. The floors in carpeted areas must be covered with Masonite or similar material whenever heavier wheeled vehicles, dollies, etc. need to be used.
  3. Equipment that is used in the ballrooms or meeting rooms must either have non-marking (white rubber) wheels, or wheels must be wrapped in plastic.
  4. Forklifts are not allowed on carpeted areas under any circumstances.
  5. Floor load limits for the ballrooms and meeting rooms are one hundred fifty (150) pounds per square foot.  No exceptions.

Windows and Doors

  1. Nothing is to be taped on glass, walls, or doors at any location in the facility.
  2. The Convention and Entertainment Facilities staff can remove doors in some areas of the building. There will be a charge for removing and re-installing doors. This service should be requested from the Facility Manager.

Terrazzo Floor and Carpet

  1. Damage other than normal wear and tear will be at client expense.
  2. No pallet jacks, pallets, heavier wheeled vehicles, dollies, etc. are allowed on the terrazzo or carpeted floor without the floor first being covered in Masonite or similar material.
  3. No metal-wheeled carts of any sort are allowed. All wheeled carts must have either pneumatic/semi-pneumatic wheels or rubber/neoprene-covered wheels.
  4. Motorized carts may not be used in carpeted areas.
  5. Boom and scissor lifts will be allowed upon approval of the Facility Manager. Tires must be wrapped. No lifts may remain parked on the floor. If outriggers are needed, they must be positioned on a 12” X 12” piece of plywood a minimum of ¾” thick.
  6. To protect the carpet, it is required to put down Masonite, visqueen, plywood, or extra carpet on the floor for crate movement or wood pallet placement.
  7. Nothing shall be cut with a knife blade in direct contact with the floor.
  8. Approved tape 3M 9589 (double side adhesive), 3M 471 (single side adhesive) and Gaffers tapes are the only approved products for booth markings and carpet applications within the facility.  Applied tapes and any residue must be removed from all surfaces prior to move-out.
  9. In order to protect floors from oil, gas, or battery acid leaks, visqueen must be used underneath motorized equipment on display, both while the equipment is on display, and to line the path for the equipment to be moved in and out.

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