Event Security

Crowd Systems, Inc. and NPB Companies are the exclusive service providers for event security at the Kansas City Convention and Entertainment Facilities. Event security services include ushers, ticket takers, crowd directors, badge checkers, overnight security and off-duty police.

For services with Crowd Systems, Inc, please contact Keith Adkins (KeithAdkins@CrowdSystems.com).

For services with NPB Companies, please contact Norman Smith (Norman@NPBCompanies.com).

Contact Information

Status: Exclusive Service Providers
301 West 13th Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64105
Keith Adkins
Crowd Systems, Inc.
Email: Keith Adkins
Phone: 816-756-1775 816-756-1775
Norman Smith
NPB Companies
Email: Norman Smith
Phone: 913-908-4371 913-908-4371