Harvest Productions is the exclusive rigging provider for the Kansas City Convention & Entertainment Facilities.

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Rigging Policy

  1. Harvest Productions will provide all chain hoists, truss, and rigging labor (motor up + span sets).
  2. Harvest Productions will provide all rigging hardware (truss up + span sets) including spanner truss when needed to obtain desired rigging points.
  3. Specialty trussing or trussing outside of Harvest Productions inventory listed below can be provided by the client with approval from Harvest Productions.
  4. A rigging plot with load factors, equipment counts, and equipment positions, and cable picks must be submitted electronically no later than four (4) weeks prior to scheduled move-in. 
  5. Harvest Productions is required to approve all rigging plots. All plots must have published weight points. 
  6. The number of riggers required will be decided by Harvest Productions and reasonably based on size and production schedule of the event. 
  7. All special and unusual weights, motors, truss, rigging apparatus or items not normally hung must obtain written permission from Harvest Productions. Exceedingly large rigs that support abnormal loads, live loads, or non-uniform distribution of weight or hardware, may require plans that have been approved and stamped by a licensed engineer selected by facility management. 
  8. Riggin may only be performed by a certified IATSE union rigger. 
  9. Soft goods such as drape over 20’ must be flown or have steel “safety” cable(s) installed.
  10. Free standing, ground supported structures over 10’ tall are subject to review by Harvest Productions. 
  11. Displays can be reviewed by the KCCEF approved decorating company.
  12. Structures must be engineered and rated by the manufacturer for use in the desired manner.
  13. All beams and ceiling joists must be protected with carpet or adequate material wherever wires and cables make contact, unless they are rubber or plastic coated.
  14. Wires and cables must not make contact with any ceiling structures, including, but not limited to, ducts, pipes, speakers, and lighting fixtures.
  15. No rigging will be allowed from Air Wall Tracks.
  16. No additional holes will be made in plaster, or any ceiling material, for additional rigging points without prior approval of the Facility Manager.
  17. All OSHA and ANSI regulations and guidelines are to be adhered to at all times.

CAD Drawing requirements:

  1. Drawing must be submitted as a Vectorworks or DWG file. (PDF files will not be accepted)
  2. Drawing must include all flown equipment, this includes truss and any equipment attached to the truss.
  3. Layout must include all scenic elements.
  4. All weight calculations must accompany drawings

Rigging Labor Rates (Rates are per hour):

Up rigger Straight Time (8 am-12 am) – $81.79
Down Rigger Straight Time (8 am-12 am) – $66.19

General A/V Labor (Rates are per hour)
Straight Time (8am-12am) – $42.94

Rigging Equipment Rates:

Dead Hang point – $50 (One-time fee)
Chain Motors – $125 (First day) $31.25 each additional day

Lift options (rates available upon request)
60′ Boom
45′ Boom
Scissor Lifts

12″ Trussing
12″x12″x10′ – $62.50
12″x12″x8′ – $50.00
12″x12″x5′ – $43.75
12″x12″x2′ – $43.75
20′ Circle Truss – $43.75
Corner Blocks – $43.75
24″ or 30″ Base Plates – $43.75

20.5″ Trussing
20.5″x20.5″x10′ – $62.50
20.5″x20.5″x5′ – $43.75
20.5″ Corner Block – $43.75
30″ Base Plates – $43.75


Contact Information

Status: Exclusive Service Providers
301 West 13th Street

Kansas City, Missouri 64105
Greg Turcotte
Director of Client Relations and Conventions Services
Email: Greg Turcotte
Sadie Scolaro
Client Relations Manager
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