Utilities, Internet, Telecommunications & Computer Networks

The Kansas City Convention Center offers state-of-the-art technology services to its customers. We offer a portfolio of solutions that include high-speed bandwidth internet access, advanced high-density Wi-Fi networks, point-to-point private networking and technology managed solutions over one of the industry’s most scalable networks. With a core focus on providing an exceptional customer experience, we are passionate about delivering best-in-class services.

Technology Infrastructure:

The facilities technology infrastructure and fiber optic backbone supports the most demanding requirements customers may have, from basic wired and wireless networks, to large high-speed broadband Ethernet circuits.

• 10 Gbps of redundant internet infrastructure, with two 10 Gigabit uplinks.
• 40 Gbps uplink scalability
• Wireless Network 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ac wave 2 frequencies on both 2.4GHz and the 5GHz spectrum
• 200 high-density Wi-Fi access points throughout the facility
• Wi-Fi network configured to allow individual customer self service payments for high speed internet access
• Distributed Antenna System for AT&T, Sprint and Verizon (4G/LTE) for cellular voice and data use

Services (fees apply):

• High-speed internet access
• Customized wired and wireless networks
• Network design and engineering solutions
• VLAN setup and configuration
• Point-to-Point data networking
• VoIP and Analog phone services with multi-line capability
• Network monitoring and reporting services


Contact Information

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Antoinetta Ibarra
Customer Service Manager
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